A Letter To Gentlemen


Most men can be aroused and have sex at the drop of a dime, a gift and a curse of sorts. That animalistic instinct seems to work against reasonable thought and logic. It’s as if the mind is totally absent where sex and arousal are concerned. I am not saying that somewhere right now, a female version of whom I described isn’t out there with her legs in the air.  She could be bent over a table, her hair wrapped around the fist of someone she was just physically attracted to. I am saying most women don’t operate like that (even if the thought frequently crosses their minds). The majority of sales of pornographic material come from men, and there’s a reason sexual undertones of almost everything on TV is geared to the male species. Men are easy. Our sex toys, pocket pussies, flashlights and other sex toys for men are not very imaginative. They are simple and to the point. And they get the job done.  We are suckers to perception. However, women are the main consumers of sex toys. A perfectly formed ergonomically designed sex toy coupled with an active imagination and raging hormones  can work wonders that porn could never achieve.

That is why I’m led to believe the key to unlocking a woman’s sexual side is more complicated than just being an attractive man (or female for that matter, this is the new millennia). There is a mental picture painted almost immediately of how that person is. If the picture is beautiful, an attraction/arousal is established. The most innocent of women fantasize. Some fantasize because they are too shy. Others are scared to cross this imaginary line of morality that men trip over constantly.  Some women don’t know what hidden sexual side they have until they are introduced to the experience, even though they were well aware of the existence of the sexual experience or scenario. An example is an act of giving a blowjob. A woman that has never done it thinks about it, but only the right man can get her to commit to the act; until then she’s against it. I was once told, “ a woman must visualize and enjoy the act in her mind before it ever happens”. For this reason, many women are patiently waiting for the “man of their dreams”.

Through my travels and experiences, I learned that the best way to win a woman over is by way of the mind.  It doesn’t hurt to be financially stable and good looking either. I rarely made sex a topic, so that their mental picture of me was already non-threatening. This is whether they wanted to jump my bones or not.  Women want a man in control but they’d also like to think they could grab the “reins” whenever they choose to.

Once the ice has been broken, introducing sex toys for Men, Women and Couples and even other partners, feed the body and the mind.


Warm Regards,


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