• Coco - Mobile App

    Coco - Mobile App Controlled Vibrating Egg

    Powerful vibrator that helps exercise and tighten vagina or provide amazing orgasms alone or with partner. USB Charging. Water Proof. G spot vibrator, vagina massager, clitoris stimulator Specifications: Material:Medical Silicone+ABS Rechargeable:Direct Charging Water Resistance:IPX7 100% Waterproof Weight:0.26 Kg Mode:7 Speed 10 Frequency Motor:High Speed Motor Noise: <45 DB Colors:Red Application:Female Feature 1:30m Mobile Bluetooth Remote Control Feature 2:Intelligent Voice Control Feature 3:Video Music Synchronization Function:Vagina Clit Stimulation, Flirt Massage

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  • Dice game for couples Couples

    Couples Play luminous dice - Dice game for couples

    Roll the dice..Dice game for couples. No is not an option, perfect for foreplay or just fun with that special someone.

  • DEXXX Couples


    Introducing Dexxx... This years "must have" Strap on. Dexxx is the most versatile dildo on the market. Not only can he screw into the harness and be an effective strap on. Dexxx's realistic feel and design also doubles as an awesome vibrator with 10 different vibration modes. Motor features "DC3.7V 11000 rpm ± 10%"  "DC3.7V 9200 rpm ± 10%" Material Medical Grade Silicone w/Rubber oiled coating   Size 175* 34mm (max diameter) Weight 150g Function 10  vibration modes Battery Rechargeable Li-ion battery  Charge time 1.5 hours Use time 1~2 hours Noise Level 50 db Waterpro...

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  • Head Harness w/Ball Gag Couples

    Head Harness w/Ball Gag

    Trap your lover in the confines of this secure and attractive head harness, perfect for topping off your bondage scene. The fine leather has an enticing look and soft feel. The tasteless and odorless ball gag will completely restrict their speech once the harness has been tightly buckled in place. Each of the fully-adjustable straps will wrap around the face of your lover to provide a unique fetish aesthetic that will enhance the mood of your evening. This is the perfect addition to kinky couple's toy box

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  • Lucy - Mobile App Controlled Wearable Vibrator Couples

    Lucy - Mobile App Controlled Wearable Vibrator

    Wearable, app controlled vibrator. Can be enjoyed alone or provide exciting fun for couple play Magnetic Charging. 100% Waterproof. Stimulates Vagina, G-Spot and Clitoris. Redefine "Control Freak" Specifications: Rechargeable: Direct Charging Water Resistance: IPX7 100% Waterproof Weight: 0.27 Kg Mode: 7 Speed 10 Frequency Motor: High Speed Motor Noise :<40 DB Colors: Red Application: Female Feature 1: 20 m Mobile Bluetooth Remote Control Feature 2: Intelligent Voice Control Feature 3: Video Music Synchronization Feature 4: Draw Your Own Frequency On Mobile Phone/Device Function: Vaginal...

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  • Mabel by Pretty Love - O-Sensual

    Mabel by Pretty Love

    Supercharge your blowjobs with this micro-vibrator that fits in your mouth! The C-Shape design fits comfortably on your cheek to deliver 7 amazing vibration modes. Make him remember you... forever Medical Grade Silicone 7 Vibrating Modes 100% Waterproof USB Chargeable

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  • Massager - Prostate Massager Couples

    Massager - Prostate Massager

    Choose your level of prostate pleasure with this luxurious and powerful rechargeable massager! Ergonomically designed to fit a man’s body, this smooth and flexible silicone stimulator is shaped to go deep. Find your most sensitive spot easily, while outside a perineum tickler amplifies your pleasure. Dual motors in the center shaft and tickler blast you inside and out It's an amazing experience for male!  Dare to give your partner control of your pleasure. Specifications: Model No : .SQ-V10044 <br />Material : ABS+Silicone <br />Size: 14*9.8*4.5cm <br />weight : 0.375KG &...

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  • OTouch-Wireless Remote controlled Pantie Vibrator Couples

    OTouch-Wireless Remote controlled Pantie Vibrator

    Powerful Remote Controlled Panty Insert Vibrator, with 10 vibration modes. Wireless couples play in private or public .Water Proof. Rechargeable USB  Charger Specifications: Color: Black Material: liquid silicone, ABS Motor features: DC3.7V 9200 rpm ± 10% Silicone/TPE Hardness: 5~10° degrees (Shore A) Surface treating: Rubber oiled coating Size: 95*45.4mm / 77*35mm Weight: 79g / 19g Function :10 vibration modes / remote control Battery: Li-ion rechargeable battery Charge time: 1~2 hours Use time: 40~90 mins Max Noice: 45 db Waterproof: 100% Waterproof IPX7

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  • OTrident- Wireless Remote Controlled Wearable Vibrator Couples

    OTrident- Wireless Remote Controlled Wearable Massager

    Stimulate multiple erogenous zones simultaneously. Experience Intense orgasms with this wireless remote controlled product. Whisper quiet. Perfect for daring play in public settings. Use alone or perfect for an amazing couple play moment.  100% Waterproof  9 vibrating modes  USB Charger Remote requires one CR2032 3v some remotes require A21/23 (not included) Specifications: Material: Medical Grade Silicone+ABS Size : 120*32mm Remote controlDistance : 12m Vibration:  9 speeds Color: Rose, purple Waterproof Heating Function Charging: USB rechargeable

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  • OVibe - Wireless remote controlled kegel balls Couples

    OVibe - Wireless remote controlled kegel balls

    Wireless remote controlled kegel balls help strenthen vagina or provide earth shattering orgasms alone or with a partner. Remote works up to 40 feet and is quite so playing in public can be fun and exciting. Specifications: Color: Pink, Peach or Purple Material: Silicone, ABS, 2 motors in 2 device Surface: Oiled Rubber Hardness: 30° degrees (Shore A) Size: Remote control: 89.4*30.6mm | egg: 98*35.4mm Weight: Remote control: 45g | egg: 55g Function: 10 vibration modes Power supply: Li- battery Li-on battery 300mah / 180mah Charge time: 2 hours Use time: 40~90 hours Warterproof: 100...

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  • Vivi - Mobile controlled Couples Vibrator Couples

    Vivi - Mobile controlled Couples Vibrator

    Introducing one of the few toys couples can share simultaneously. ViVi is designed to be inside of the vagina stimulating G-Spot and clitoris while massaging the penis. Either partner can use a mobile device to take control of the 12 different vibrating frequencies. Sync ViVi with your music or videos for added ecstasy. There is also a feature where you can draw your own vibrating frequency for  Vivi to follow. The app is available for both Android and Apple products. Prepare to be amazed! Specifications: Material:Medical Silicone Charge:Rechargeable Water Resistance:IPX7 100% Waterproof We...

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