• O-Dazzler


    Be Blown away by this handful of Clitoral stimulating power. The O-Dazzler's whisper quiet motor has 12 Awesome Vibrating frequencies. It is 100% Waterproof for fun in the shower or bedroom..or wherever. Medical Grade Silicone 110*52*52* USB Magnetic Charging (charging time 2hrs) To turn on hold down "+" button for 2-3 seconds  To turn off hold down "-" button for 2-3 seconds

  • O-Flirt sex toys for women


    This pocket sized vibrator comes with 2 attachments to stimulate the clitoris in a way that is sure to make your toes curl and eyes roll to the back of your head.  Function: 10 Vibration Modes Material: Silicone with oiled rubber coating Weight: 100g 100% Waterproof Size: 194mm * 42mm (approx 4"x1.25")

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  • OBundle- Lubricant , Antibacterial Toy Cleaner Essentials

    OBundle- Lubricant , Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

    Our 3.4 oz. (100ml) Lubricant , paired with our 8.45 (250ml) Antibacterial Toy Cleaner  is every Adult Toy Box's "Must Have". You won't find a better deal anywhere else.

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  • OBunny - Perfect powerful vibrator

    OBunny - Perfect powerful vibrator

    Perfectly designed powerful vibrator with 10 silent but amazing vibrating modes. 100% Waterproof. USB Charging Specifications: Material : Body-safe silicone, ABS, 2 motors Motor features : "DC3.7V 11000 rpm ± 10%" "DC3.7V 9200 rpm ± 10%" Surface treating: Rubber oiled coating Size : 215* 36.6mm (max diameter) Weight : 210g Function : 10 vibration modes Battery : Rechargeable Li-ion battery Charge time : 1.5 hours Use time : 1~2 hours Max Noise : 40 db Waterproof : 100% Waterproof

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  • OButterfly - Clitoral and Nipple Stimulator - O-Sensual

    OButterfly - Clitoral and Nipple Stimulator

    Be totally aroused by the 7 sucking and  intense fluttering patterns and 10 vibrating  modes that the OButterfly produces.  Expeience Extreme Focus on your most intimate and sensitive areas.   It's one of the newest styles of sex toys this year. It  can be used on the clitoris or the nipple to erotically tease yourself or your partner.  Let the games begin Specifications: Material:TPE, Silicone, ABS Rechargeable:Magnetic Charging Weight:0.3 Kg Mode:3 Speed 7 Sucking Patterns 10 Vibration Patterns Motor:Leten High Speed Motor Noise: <70 db Colors:Red+White Application:Female Warranty:1 Y...

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  • OClean - Adult Toy Antibacterial Cleaner Essentials

    OClean - Adult Toy Antibacterial Cleaner

    Water Based, Fragrance Free, Alcohol Free  This water based toy cleaner will disinfect without irritating your skin or damaging your device. This product is an effective sanitizer and will kill germs without the use of harmful chemicals.

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  • OLube - Water Based Lubricant Essentials

    OLube - Water Based Lubricant

    Designed to Enhance sensation while reducing friction. Moisturizing formula is designed to be free of the "stickiness" frequently experienced with other brands. Water Based Alcohol Free Fragrance Free Moisturizing Formula Hypoallergenic

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  • OMega - Vibrator with 4 attachments.

    OMega - Massager with 4 attachments.

    This Powerful Vibrator  comes with 4 interchangeable attachments.  The internal motors are extremely strong yet one of the quietest on the market.  100% waterproof. USB Charging Realistic design and feel. Specifications: Color: Black, Pink, Black, Material: Silicone+ABS, Motor features: DC3.7V 11000 rpm ± 10%,DC3.7V 9200 rpm ± 10% Surface: treated Oiled Rubber coating Attachment Sizes: 138*35mm, 120*40mm, 134*35mm, 135*35mm, 70*35mm Weight: 129.4g, 115.6g, 136.3g, 158.1g, 45.7g Function: 10 kinds vibration modes / interchangeable Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery 500mAh Cha...

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  • Ophelia Sex toys for Men


    Ophelia is a man's best kept secret. This newly designed "Fleshlight" is scientifically designed to feel as good or better than the real thing. She has 12 vibration modes, 3 frequencies and 9  speeds. For best experience use OLube water based lubricant. Clean well after each use  when cleaning O-Sensual Antibacterial Cleaner is recommended. Size:120*35.5mm Noise Level: <60db Medical Grade Silicone

  • OTouch-Wireless Remote controlled Pantie Vibrator Couples

    OTouch-Wireless Remote controlled Pantie Vibrator

    Powerful Remote Controlled Panty Insert Vibrator, with 10 vibration modes. Wireless couples play in private or public .Water Proof. Rechargeable USB  Charger Specifications: Color: Black Material: liquid silicone, ABS Motor features: DC3.7V 9200 rpm ± 10% Silicone/TPE Hardness: 5~10° degrees (Shore A) Surface treating: Rubber oiled coating Size: 95*45.4mm / 77*35mm Weight: 79g / 19g Function :10 vibration modes / remote control Battery: Li-ion rechargeable battery Charge time: 1~2 hours Use time: 40~90 mins Max Noice: 45 db Waterproof: 100% Waterproof IPX7

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  • OTrident- Wireless Remote Controlled Wearable Vibrator Couples

    OTrident- Wireless Remote Controlled Wearable Vibrator

    Stimulate multiple erogenous zones simultaneously. Experience Intense orgasms with this wireless remote controlled vibrator. Whisper quiet. Perfect for daring play in public settings. Use alone or perfect for an amazing couple play moment.  100% Waterproof  9 vibrating modes  USB Charger Remote requires one CR2032 3v some remotes require A21/23 (not included) Specifications: Material: Medical Grade Silicone+ABS Size : 120*32mm Remote controlDistance : 12m Vibration:  9 speeds Color: Rose, purple Waterproof Heating Function Charging: USB rechargeable

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  • OVibe - Wireless remote controlled kegel balls Couples

    OVibe - Wireless remote controlled kegel balls

    Wireless remote controlled kegel balls help strenthen vagina or provide earth shattering orgasms alone or with a partner. Remote works up to 40 feet and is quite so playing in public can be fun and exciting. Specifications: Color: Pink, Peach or Purple Material: Silicone, ABS, 2 motors in 2 device Surface: Oiled Rubber Hardness: 30° degrees (Shore A) Size: Remote control: 89.4*30.6mm | egg: 98*35.4mm Weight: Remote control: 45g | egg: 55g Function: 10 vibration modes Power supply: Li- battery Li-on battery 300mah / 180mah Charge time: 2 hours Use time: 40~90 hours Warterproof: 100...

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  • Penis Sleeve

    Penis Sleeve

    This reversible Penis Sleeve can be used for masturbation or to enhance a sexual experience with your partner. 4 different styles with amazing lifelike feeling. Get them all.

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  • Shaft Cover

    Shaft Cover- Penis Sleeve

    Enhance pleasure by sliding this penis sleeve on your partner or favorite dildo or vibrator. The "bumpy" texture is scientifically designed to stimulate the G-Spot and clitoris.

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  • Silver Wolf - Penis enhancer

    Silver Wolf - Penis enhancer

    Realistic shape and design for genuine feel and sensation. Srtretchy ball strap keeps penis enhancer in place. Scientifically designed to provide pleasure to your partner by massaging G-Spot and clitoris Specifications: Material: TPE Diameter: 130MM*35MM Water Resistance: 100% Waterproof Weight: .55 g Application: Male Function : Sexual Endurance, G-Spot stimulation, Clitoris Stimulation

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  • The HOOK

    The HOOK

    For Him experience the ultimate prostate stimulation. For Her stimulate the G-Spot, anus or vagina.