As the cold winds violently shake the window, you slightly stir in my arms, restless I got up, walked over to the window and looked out at the snow-covered Brooklyn street, it’s 3 am and the fresh snow sparkles like diamonds in the moonlight. As I gaze upon your resting body something comes over me, it’s in the way the comforter outlines your sexy silhouette. As I stare at you, what lies underneath the covers, slowly arouses me. I crept back into our bed joining you under the covers. Gently I open your legs, barely disturbing your peaceful slumber.  Tenderly I lick your shaved pussy up and down. You stir, then wake disoriented but fully aware of the obvious, your man is eating your pussy, as you reach down and grabbed my head I try to garner all the juices your body can muster. The first time you cum, it's hard and you pulled my face deep into your pussy, the second time; you have a sexual seizure, as your whole body shook. I stilled you by clutching your ass, while you scream in pleasure. After your second orgasm, you lay seamlessly lifeless.
I climb up from under the comforter, with the hair on my chin sticky and shiny with your nectar.  Before the second phase of my plan is initiated, I lean over and kiss your flustered face, standing over you I remove my boxers, my dick is hard as hell. You prepare yourself for another intense episode of fucking, expecting me to insert my cock into your wet anticipating snatch, but I have ulterior plans.  I straddle your face, inserting Inch by hot throbbing inch.   I fill your face with my thick dick. As I stroke your pretty face slow and steady, I get a little too excited and rammed my dick forcefully down your throat. You gag, but don't stop. 
“Play with your pussy,” I whisper.  Willingly, you rub your clit and submerge your sleek fingers into your body.  

“Let me taste it with you,” I add. You remove your fingers from your snatch and stuff them in my mouth. Then we share a kiss; a wet sloppy kiss, a sweet concoction made of our saliva and your pussy juice, hurriedly I stuff my dick back in your mouth to finish off with a bang.  It does not take long as I look into your eyes, each stroke a muscular spasm shoots fiery globs of hot cum into your mouth. Some you swallow, but the majority of my jizz finds its way onto your face and slowly drips down your cheeks and chin.
After I’m spent I go to the bathroom, get a washcloth and return to wipe your face off. We peck each other and fall into a coma-like slumber.