Sleepless Night

  As the cold winds violently shook the window, she slightly stirred in my arms. Restlessly I got up, walked over to the window and looked out at the snow-covered Brooklyn street. It was 3 am and the fresh snow sparkled like diamonds in the moonlight. As I gazed upon her resting body something came over me.  I stared at you, hungry for what laid beneath the covers. I was aroused my body hummed like a vibrator. I crept back into our bed joining her under the covers. Gently I opened her legs, barely disturbing her peaceful slumber.  I licked her shaved pussy up and down and her woman hood opened up to me like a rose. She  stirred, then woke disoriented but fully aware of the obvious, her man was eating her pussy.  She grabbed my head as I enjoyed all the juices her body could muster.
Her 1st orgasm, was hard and she pulled my face deep into your pussy. The second orgasm resembled  a sexual seizure. Her body shook like an earthquake. I stilled her by clutching your ass, while she screamed in pleasure. 
I crawled from under the comforter,  the hair on my chin sticky and shiny with her nectar.   I leaned over and kissed her flustered face. Then I stood over her, and removed my boxers. My throbbing manhood stood at attention. Each vein prominently shown coursing with passion. She laid there awaiting a familiar intense sexual  episode.  But I had ulterior plans.  I straddled her face, inserting Inch by hot throbbing inch into her mouth.   
“Play with your pussy,” I whispered.  Willingly, she rubbed her clit and submerged her fingers into her body.  

“Let me taste it with you,” I added. She removed her fingers from her warmth and stuffed them in my mouth. Then we shared a kiss; a wet sloppy kiss, a sweet concoction made of our saliva and your pussy juice. Hurriedly I stuffed my dick back in her mouth to finish off with a bang.  It does not take long. I looked into her eyes, as I shot  fiery globs of hot cum into her mouth. Some she swallowed, but the majority of my jizz found its way onto your face and dripped down her cheeks and chin.

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