Nosey Neighbors


The sun scorched the  morning sky, signaling the peak of summer vacation. Oh, how I grew to hate July.  I silently watched you enjoy one of the perks of being a school teacher, sleeping late. I, unfortunately did not have that luxury, so I kissed you lightly on the brow, copped a feel squeezing your plump breasts, before heading to the office.

11 o’clock, or close to it, you slithered out of bed and looked out the window. There they were, the Conners. Mr. Conner and his wife never had  visitors and rarely  ventured outside themselves, The Conners were hermits of sorts, quiet as cats, mysterious, private, but today, they were outside.

  Mrs. Conner seemed unwilling to  head back in though. Her shoulder length jet back hair flung wildly as Mr.Conner forcefully tugged on her skinny arms. With a few more strong tugs and a whisper in her ear, they both disappeared into the house. One could only imagine what words were uttered that had more of an impact than physical force. You being the nosey neighbor, as well as being bored out of your mind, got dressed and transformed into a makeshift private eye. 

Our neighborhood was practically dead during the day, so you weren't worried about being seen as you spied on our shifty neighbors.

You crept along the side of the house, your breasts pressed against the siding and looked into the living room, Empty. You made your way to the back of the Conner’s home and peeked into their kitchen window; not a soul. Finally on a hunch you got on your knees and looked through a small basement window. Mr. Conner was there but where was his wife? You scanned the basement for a split second and there she was. Naked as the day she was born, her ankles and wrist bound to the posts of a bed. She was spread eagle. The ropes bit in to her  creamy skin. She struggled futilely. Her firm breasts bounced but she was tightly secured with an  Osensual bondage kit .

Though she wiggled and squirmed like a worm. Her muffled sounds struggled past the ball gag, but it was obvious there was nothing she could do. She was a prisoner. She looked up at you and stopped struggling for a second as your eyes met. Her Brown eyes plead for your help.  A part of you wanted to rescue her, wanted to break through the window like Wonder Woman, yet you didn’t.

Your demented curiosity was much stronger than your sense of morality and valiance. You wanted, no, needed to see what Brandon Conner had planned for his wife.

Mrs. Conner was no older  than 25 or so and beautiful. You wondered how you never realized her small perky breasts that sat on her chest like perfectly molded mounds of tan clay. Her pussy was shaved with a narrow patch of black hair, something you always thought served no significant purpose.

Her captor came into view. Another surprise, Mr. C was fit. Muscles roped over his dark frame. His manhood, long and thick. He climbed on top of her and rammed his dick in Mrs. C and pounded away as she screamed. Yet she maintained eye contact with you. Her once pleading eyes now looked wickedly pleased. Sinister eyes speaking to you, "Come join", they whisper. You recognized this was your cue to move, go back to your own life, but all that moved was the juices from your nether regions as it soaked your Vickie Secrets. You touched your self as the dull sounds of sex echoed off the basement walls. 

Time stood still as you coated your fingers with the nectar of your flower. You never knew you loved this freaky shit. However, being caught and arrested for trespassing was something you could explain to neighbors, but accompanied with a charge of lewd and lascivious act was a bit much.  So instead, you watched as he slapped and choked her to keep her from making too much noise. Perhaps she did not understand “shut the fuck up” or maybe it just hurt that bad. Who knows? Still, you sat and watched as Conner came back and forth for quickies. 

Her eyes, they still were still pleading for something, you just didn’t know what, so you finally left your post and returned home.

“Come home, it's important!” You screamed frantically in the phone.

“What happened? Are you alright?”

“I can’t explain right now, just come home.”

I got home as soon as I could. I rushed through the door. “Baby! Where are you?”

“Up here.”

I flew up the stairs and burst into the bedroom only to find you pleasuring yourself with your Osensual magic finger. I watched you in silence.  The vibrator hummed on your clit as you writhed in pleasure.

“Daddy, I’m on fire. I need you.” Me, always willing to help, obliged you instantly. I ripped off my suit and dove in. I dug deep inside of you, while you clawed my back like a lioness. “Harder! Fuck me harder!” You were possessed. I was pumping  so hard we literally bounced on the bed.

Your orgasm was powerful and you squirted so much, before I ultimately climaxed I buried my face in your neck biting and sucking the sweat off of your skin. I came so hard. My life-force erupted in you like lava.

I collapsed on your chest exhausted from our sex session. 

We flopped over to our respective places in bed, panting, covered with a light film of perspiration.

“My love, do you want to tell me what came over you?” You paused, caught your breath, and  explained the chain of events that led to your horny housewife attack. As you explained in detail what happened, your voice got weak and you reached under the cover and started stroking my dick.

“What’s wrong with me?" You asked. You were ashamed that such an ordeal turned you on the way it did.

“Nothing.” I comforted you. What if it wasn't a game they were playing? We had to figure whether or not Mrs. Connor’s needed saving. 

Under the cover of night we decided to  see what the Conners were up too. Outfitted in a black T-shirt and jeans, I grabbed my phone and we headed across the street.


We didn't even make it to the side of their home before Mr.Conner walked out with the trash. We startled him wearing all black and heading in his direction but he quickly recovered. "Good Evening neighbors."

"Hey", I responded. "My wife wanted to speak to your wife for a second. Is she home?" 

He looked suspiciously at us and called her out. 

She walked towards us with her head down but unharmed. "Well, what did you want to ask her?" You hadn't thought that far ahead and  stumbled over your words. Then Mrs Conner spoke. "If you wanted to know if I'm ok ..I am and if you wanted to watch an erotic sex show next time bring a chair and some sex toys, so you'll be comfortable." Mr. Conner laughed tapped his wife on the ass and left us outside shocked and embarrassed.

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