You, Me & She

That night a warm breeze strolled across the Caribbean ocean and snuck on to the balcony of our lavish suite at the top of the Sheraton-Jaragua. 

I gazed out into the ocean and thought back to the scene in the club.  All eyes were on us.  We were strangers in a foreign land and it intrigued men and women alike.  I observed the local men drool as you passed them. You hypnotized them with your femininity and you were merely going to the bathroom.  Dozens of eyes  undressed you, peeling you out of your  skirt and blouse.  I wondered if they could imagine how good your pussy really was.  Whatever their feeble minds imagined, they had better multiply that by a million.

For the brief moment that you left the dance floor, one of my many female admirers casually walked up to me.  She looked good.  Her slim frame slowly rocked from side to side as she made her way across the room. She stood about 5’5 with a nice caramel complexion. She had long black hair, medium size breasts, probably a b-cup, and a nice round ass. 

“Tu habla espanol?” she asked.

“Poquito,” I answered awkwardly.

“Then I’ll speak english. Are you American?”


“You and your wife make a beautiful couple.”

“Thank you ,” I answered, looking around cautiously.  The spanish beauty stood very close to me and I was certain you would not like how it looked.

“Your woman is sexy, as a matter of fact both of you are sexy. I bet you guys have amazing sex,” she stated.

“The best.” I said proudly not giving away to the mild surprise of her statement.

“ I wish I could find out, I haven’t been fucked good in a long time.” 

“That’s too bad, but I don’t think my wife would like that,” I said. I gave a smile , because I was sure we were just inapproipriately joking. Until with a seriousness the Latin vixen said,

“Let her join in”

I was at a loss for words.   At that moment you walked up, I saw the fire in your eyes.  You looked the woman up and down, but held your tongue.

“Who’s your friend?” you asked with that catty resentment women spew to other women. 

“Carmella,” she interrupts.  “I was just complimenting your husband and you.  You two are beautiful.”

“Thank you,” you said.

“Baby she would like to join us for a nightcap,” I mentioned.

“Oh really,” you say, again looking Carmella up and down.

“You can come up to our room and join us for drinks, but nothing more,” you finished.

“I’ll be there in an hour. What room are you staying in?”

“Room 69,”I quickly answered.

“How convenient,” Carmella answered and walked away.

As I return to the present time, still standing on the balcony, it had been 57 minutes since we left Carmella.  You looked at me with your sexy eyes, “She is a sexy one isn’t she?” you asked.

“She’s okay,” I answered nonchalantly.

“Do you want her?”

“Only if you join in”

“We’ll see.” 

When she knocked on the door it filled a sinister silence that hung in the room..  

Carmella stood in the doorway wearing a long black summer dress.  The dress clung to every soft curve of her body, leaving nothing to the imagination.  I saw her firm nipples press through the cotton. And as she passed me the her perfect ass danced under the fabric. She headed right to the bedroom and sat down at the edge of the bed. My wife and I followed with a bottle of wine an 3 glasses.

We drink and got acquainted.  Carmella was 25 years old with no kids or husband. She was funny, but most of all we learned her sexual appetite was inhuman.  Everything she said had a sexual undertone.  Carmella wanted to fuck.

You and Carmella warmed up to each other, drinking and laughing like old friends.

“Your hair is so nice Carmella.”  

             “I love your shoes Lisa”

            Then Carmella made her move.  “I’m going to kiss you now Lisa.”

“Sure baby, anything you want.”You agreed. I was taken aback. I sat across from you and this island beauty kissing passionately.  Slowly, you stroked Carmella’s hair.  She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of your tender fingers running through her hair follicles, lightly massaging her scalp.  Your lips parted slightly as her tongue slid into your mouth.   The alcohol weakened your will and you allowed her to caress you. Herr hands traced your body lightly as she made her way to your breasts. She cupped them gently and caressed your nipples.

 I saw my opportunity. I could restrain myself no longer. I approached the bed  participated in a 3-way kiss.  The mixture of the warm breaths, hot tongues and wine proved to be an awesome cocktail.  We lost ourselves in the kiss and I took the initiative to turn things up.  


 First I took Carmella’s dainty hand and placed it on your juicy breasts. I urged her to take them out and play with your firm nipples.  Then, I took your hand and put it in my lap.  You wasted no time finding the throbbing mass anxious for your touch.  Slowly, my hand made its way between Carmella’s legs. I used my middle finger to stroke her wet pussy.    Carmella stood up and let her dress fall to the floor.  Her caramel complexion looked good enough to eat. Her pussy was shaved and the  labia looked fat and juicy.

“Come on you two strip. I want to see what you’re working with,” Carmella said playfully.  She sat on the king size bed while we undressed each other. We stole wet kisses as our hands frantically undid buttons and pulled at clothing.   Your soft hands rode over the contours of my muscular frame.  Then you took my favorite position and got on your knees.  I caressed your head waiting for you to take me in your mouth. You tortured both Carmella and I, taking your sweet time to loosen my belt, and open my pants.  

“Stop teasing me and suck me!” I ordered.  You smiled, and snatched my pants down. I stepped out of the balled up pair of pants and stood stark naked in front of you My manhood throbbed in anticipation. A silver drop of  precum sat on the tip of my cock waiting for you.  You took me in your hand, tenderly placed kisses all over my cock.  You started at the head, then the sides and finally the balls.  Carmella observed silently, finger fucking herself with one hand and fondling her brown nipples with the other.  Slowly, you sucked me, taking deep gulps of each throbbing inch of my manhood.  I looked down at you enjoying yourself.  We were so wrapped up in ecstasy we didn’t even notice Carmella walk up on us and kneel beside you.  The both of you took turns sucking me.  Like starving savages you both gorge on my shaft.  She licked my balls, while you gagged on me.  I don’t know where I found the will power to stop you both, but I did  and we headed to the bed. 

 I laid your naked body on the bed and kissed your soft lips.  From there I started my descent. I sucked roughly on your neck, at  times I bit down slightly mixing the perfect amount of pain with pleasure.  Carmella just watched and played with herself , waiting to make her move.  We heard her fingers working frantically, as she moaned softly.

 Once I got to your breasts breasts she joined in.  We both sucked your nipples with a desperate urgency. You moaned with delight.  Carmella continued her descent.  She arrived at your  smooth thighs and buried her pretty face inside your flower.  You tried to keep your composure and not give in to pleasure, but Carmella knew what she was doing.  Your legs trembled as the juices streamed from your soul.  As you creamed, Carmella lapped at your nectar like a woman dying from thirst.

I kneeled down beside your face and rested  my dick on your pretty lips.  With no hesitation you stick out your tongue to taste a drop of pre-cum.  Slowly, I started to fill your mouth. In and out, in and out, I stroked your pretty face, while Carmella devoured your pussy.  I wanted to explode, but I held back.

“Ride me. Baby get on this cock now,” you obeyed my request.  We switched places. Carmella took it upon herself to sit on my face.  She straddled my head and proceeded to drown me. All the while screaming in ecstasy.

I grabbed your hips and bounced you off my torso, ramming my rock hard dick deep inside your stomach, as you rode me like a jockey.

“Switch with me please,” Carmella, plead.  At first you ignored her, but you wanted me to eat you, so you complied.  You switched places with our guest and slowly rode my face.  Your thighs clamped around my head and after your 1st orgasm I was sure you were going to crush my skull.

Carmella’s tight snatch clutched my manhood as she rolled her hips slowly on mine. She seemed to be moving to music that only she could hear. I was having pleasure overload. I found myself unable to concentrate on her fucking me or the intoxicating flavor of you.

“Carmella turn around, let my man hit it from the back,” you ordered.  I was surprised by your aggressiveness, but we both did as you insisted.  I stuffed myself into Camella’s tight pussy, stretched her, then pounded relentlessly.  You laid down in front of her , grabbed her by her long black hair and rammed her face between your legs.

“That’s right. Bon Apetite!” you barked.  Carmella loved every minute of being smothered by your hot nani.

“Don’t give her my cum,” you warned.

“I won’t, “ I hoped to myself.  The time came .  I snatched my dick out of Carmella and made my way to your face.  I erupted with an orgasm that seemed to come from the depths of men soul.  My body shuddered as my hot load covered your face.  You grabbed my cock and jerked it so that you did not miss a drop.  Carmella forced her way into the moment  and tried to get some too.  She licked your fingers and the head of my manhood hungrily. When I was finally spent I collapsed.  The both of you rested your heads on my chest.  

“Thank you, thank you both” Carmella whispered.

“Your welcome, now leave,” you said in a nasty tone.  Carmella understood.

“You don’t like sharing your man, do you?”

“Not at all,” we both replied in unison.  Carmella smiled and let herself out.

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